Eleanor Ballinger BA (Hons) Textiles in Practice

Eleanor Ballinger

A multi-media textile artist specialising in print and embroidery. I have a particlar interest in layering of motifs to create a bold and vibrant print which is then made physical and embellished using embroidery techniques. My work contains depth, achieved using high levels of intricacy and specific detail, all of which is carefully considered alongside a brief. Usually I look overseas and into foreign cultures to gain inspiration, and consider the country's social and historical element which is often rooted within the art I study. 

With a particular interest in fashion, my work is often steered towards this context, however I aim for it to be multi-functional so that it can be applied diversely. More specifically, urban "street" fashion greatly interests me, and I am inspired by current trends within this sub-category such as utility and workwear. However, it is the design of the fabric that forms the garment that is my speciality. 

When analysing colour, my palette is often bold and contains a combination of complementing and contrasting colours. A sense of vibrancy is of great value to me. 

Another element of great personal value is sustainability. I have ensured that all materials, yarns and dyes are sourced sustainably with a minimised environmental impact, as this is necessary for future design. It is important to consider the world in which we not only source material from, but also take much of our inspiration. Our reliance on the environment around us means we must protect it for successful development.