Eleanor Rowlands BA (Hons) Textiles in Practice

Eleanor Rowlands

I am a textile creative with a passion for pattern, texture and colour. I specialise in printed and embroidered textiles with a focus on repetitive modern patterns. I like to see my textiles within art and fashion contexts.

Here are a collection of images of samples I have created in my final year. One of my projects was on finding a meditative state through repeition in art, whilst in the making process. I did this through repeating simplistic shapes varying in scale and textures. 

Another project was with Royal London where they comissioned me to make an art peice for their new offices. This is still a work in progress therefore the images are not of the final artwork. The artwork was based upon the Suffrgette movement in Manchester, which is where I generated the colour pallet and words from. Working together to create something bigger.