Elliot Gibson BA (Hons) Three Dimensional Design

Elliot Gibson

My practise explores both physical and emotional experiences within nature and attempts to translate these through the medium of hot glass. My process also attempts to reflect natural processes, translating geological processes such as erosion or deposition into glass through adapated colour techniques or form exploration.

The idea of my objects having a story fascinates me, for me it gives my work life and enforces the connection between the physical journey of the object to my own journey while making it.

My latest work "Cascade" is a culmination of all of these aims. Inspired by myriads of waterfalls in and around  Snowdonia - I have attempted to translate the colour, texture and form of water into my work - I've found these areas to create an odd sense of serene calm, which cannot be matched; I've always found the flow of water beautiful and I hope to convey this through my work.