Emily Mcmanus BA (Hons) Three Dimensional Design

Emily Mcmanus

The Fractal Series evolved from interdisciplinary research that observed the positive physiological changes that happen when looking at fractal patterns; this inspired me to take advantage of the stress-buffering effects that fractal patterns have on our emotional well-being. From this, I designed a functional lifestyle collection that positively influences emotional wellness. Each object in the series translates nature’s visual language into acid-etched metal surfaces. 

The simple and refined manufacturing process uses right angles to provide strength and curves to provide solace. The openness of the forms provides a more profound sense of calm and flow, while the simplicity allows the pattern to be the centre of attraction. The collection is fabricated in polished brass; its reflections magnify the fractal design softly contrast with the strong and arched shadow. My practice is driven by the equal importance of functionality and aesthetic appeal, using both as a catalyst to improve happiness through design. I enjoy creating designs that fulfil a purpose and develop rituals away from the modern world’s stresses.

As a designer and maker, I have a combined approach to product design. From in-depth concept research, process-led experiments and computer-aided design. I enjoy exploring new production methods by being hands-on in the workshop while also working systematically to develop viable products.

I am inspired by our innate relationship with nature and fascinated by the positive influence it can have on our emotional wellbeing. I frequently take inspiration from the natural world around me by translating form and texture into sensorial design.

I typically manipulate the surface of sheet metal to explore pattern and tactility. I enjoy utilising the reflective qualities of metal, and I am fascinated by how it can enhance the initial design. I work methodically and enjoy the transition from paper modelling to fabricating sheet metal.