Emily Vosper BA (Hons) Interior Design

Emily Vosper

As a young designer about to enter the professional world of Interior Design, I believe that spaces should be created with the user at the heart of the scheme. I aim, understand and acknowledge the interaction people have with space and how it makes us feel. Elnecot Apartments uses these key features to encourage a positive and welcoming living space while tackling real world problems that young people face. 

The current financial climate for first time buyers is steadily becoming more unachievable due to extremely high housing prices, an issue that initiated the design process of Elnecot Apartments. The scheme is located in Ancoats, Manchester. It hosts a set of 10 affordable micro-apartments, purposefully designed for young professionals, with communal spaces, including a vast indoor garden at the centre that provides different areas to promote a social way of living. 

Biophilic design is incorporated throughout, as studies show that people are happier, healthier, and much more productive when they are in regular contact with plants, natural light, and natural materials. The interior of this space juxtaposes the busy and bustling city centre and can be used as an escape for not only the tenants but also the public. 

Elnecot Agency is a follow up project based in Manchester city centre. Here, tenants are able to design aspects of their new apartments before they move in. It is an interactive showroom that displays many of the design ideas that the apartments offer. A raised walkway surrounded by plants and greenery houses samples of available finishes and creates a feature of the existing architectural features within the building.

Both projects work hand in hand to create a considered and realistic approach to the effects the housing crisis has on young people. 

Industry Award Winner