Emily Wright BA (Hons) Textiles in Practice

Emily Wright

I am a woven textile designer driven by the tactility of weaving and creating a haptic connection with the samples I make, especially in a world that is so digitalised. I enjoy being experimental with my colour and structure, creating 3D elements to my work through the technical capabilities of pique, jacquard and double cloth weaving.

My colour and designs are inspired by my paintings and drawings, which are an exploration of escapism in the outdoors and the natural world.  My work involves juxtaposing opulent natural fibers like silk and merino wool with technical yarns like monofilament and reflective yarn, aiming to capture how being in the outdoors can be both a luxury and a necessity as well as the uneasy relationship between humans and the natural world.

Through playing with the contrast between organic and synthetic materials and their properties I have been able to extend the limits of the loom and develop my curiosity for weaving innovation, which I intend to pursue. I am avidly interested in the future of sustainable textiles especially in the context of woven fabrics in the outdoor wear industry.