Finley Bartram BA (Hons) Interior Design

Finley Bartram

I am a creative, passionate and hardworking designer interested in finding new ways to create more environmentally friendly spaces. My main interests are in environmental design, creating spaces that immerse the user into the location, and spaces that benefit the users’ mental health.

Located in St Peters Church in Ancoats, Manchester,  ‘MMU Stepping Stones’ offers students informal 1 to 1 chats with other students and young professionals regarding their mental health and how to handle issues before they are seen by the University’s well-being team.

‘Grow to Heal’ is located in Hatch on Oxford Road, Manchester. It is a plant store and events space for students to take part in group talks and discussions on how to deal with mental health at University. It is a green haven to help aid in the healing process. On its face, ‘Grow to Heal’ is a plant shop with a terrace café; but looking deeper it is a method for solving the waiting time problem students face whilst at University when seeking help for their mental health issues.

The overall concept is that students who may visit ‘Grow to Heal’, are then referred to ‘MMU Stepping Stones’ before eventually being seen by a mental health professional at the University. Ultimately, this will tackle the delayed response time for students who are affected and stuck in limbo battling these issues.