Rebecca Callaghan BA (Hons) Interior Design

Rebecca Callaghan

Semita & Semita Inform

Establishing the pathway to recovery and normality

Semita // A Latin word meaning pathway…

As a designer, I believe that the challenges of inclusivity and accessibility that we face are often affected by the conventional and uninspired stereotypes that are placed on design. By implementing materials and concepts which hold a sense of desirability as well as prioritising the needs of the occupant in my concept ‘Semita’, it becomes apparent that unconventional design – particularly in the healthcare sector – can still be practical whilst also providing visual appeal. 

Semita as a whole, is a design concept which aims to bridge the gap between diagnosis, treatment and recovery for individuals affected by cancer, whilst challenging the healthcare “norm” to aid and improve the cancer journey. 

“49% of people interviewed said they received no support or advice from health services about how to manage mental and physical health during or after treatment.” (Mind, n.d.)

The initial concept and main location Semita, epitomises a healing environment, providing a spa-like experience via the Amelioration Journey, which focuses solely on the healing individual and their specific needs to aid recovery in both a mental and physical sense. 

The space also provides services such as the Organic Inventory and the Hair Salon, which are both designed with the individual in mind, creating versatile spaces which provides a sense of accessibility and community.

In continuation, Semita Inform is a small-scale drop-in space which forms an extension to the main space of Semita – focusing more specifically around the idea of accessibility and consistency through designing an adaptable fit out style interior that can be applied to various locations - offering drop-in services for advice and support to help educate and inform, as well as support those facing the cancer journey as a whole.