Forrest Hu BA (Hons) Interior Design

Forrest Hu

A bit about me

As a designer I’ve found myself striving for social inclusion through learning experiences. I’m a firm believer in finding the fun and intrigue in areas which society have deemed boring or exclusive. 

I’ve always struggled academically and it’s using this ‘problem’ that has been the driving force to reimagine inclusive social spaces, whereby often mundane situations can excite and re-spark the imagination. Through this, I really feel like my brain can finally thrive. 


Using the premise of a former print factory, YES M8 is a learning facility for unconventional learners, mainly adults with dyslexia, with tactile experiences such as print making. The space is compromised of 3 key ares: IDENTIFY AND CREATE, RESPOND and CELEBRATE

Through this system, users are able to identify and understand the different ways of learning - whilst creating through print-making activities. The space uses slang as a marketing tool and aims to positively respond to the educational needs of adult dyslexic learners, and other unconventional learners. Through thoughtful design, YES M8 celebrates individuality and different learning styles across the whole community. 


Designed as a smaller, sister site to YES M8, GOOD NEWS M8 is a radical response to the way we experience daily news. It is a public space purposely designed to exhibit topical news stories for the community. Based around an interactive walkway, the aim is to give positive relief with all the bad news currently circulating in the media.

Much like YES M8, the walkway uses tactile and interactive exhibitions for the benefit of all learning types including dyslexic and unconventional learners. The iconic Mark Addy building has been repurposed to immersively mimic the experience of reading a newspaper: PICK UP, FLICK THROUGH, STOP, STRAIGHTEN and READ. This walkway space is open to all, and enables unconventional learners to engage with previously intimidating newspaper style articles through the use of design. 

  Course Award Winner