Georgia Charlton-Briggs BA (Hons) Fine Art and Curating

Georgia Charlton-Briggs

Charlton-Briggs’ (b. 1999) work explores how different concepts of love are deeply rooted within us, and prompts conversations surrounding notions of love today. By questioning the authenticity of soulmates through research and theory, Charlton-Briggs analyses ancient literature such as Plato's Symposium and contemporary science theories such as Quantum Entanglement by translating these philosophies and principles into more tangible mediums, to find the true nature of love. Charlton-Briggs opens up a dialogue that has been buried just beneath the surface, “If we can question the reality of a higher being, why can’t we question the reality of a soulmate?”. Through sculpture, installation, and photography, the works concentrate and investigate different cultural and theoretical expressions towards love, sex, and relationships and finds that the one original connected being is consistently prevalent throughout. By using large, heavy solid materials typically associated with adversity and restoration, a juxtaposition is created in ode to sacrifice within relationships. Notions of loss, lust, and love and demonstrated through humorous anecdotal works, discussing the sacrificial and ritualistic manner displayed when seeking such things, while also maintaining a sombre and solemn tone.