Gracie Farrell BA (Hons) Textiles in Practice

Gracie Farrell

I have a huge passion for creative spaces with both interiors and commercial context. Throughout my time at university I have specialised within print which has allowed me to gain an in-depth background knowledge of textiles qualities and characteristics, this has been done through working with various fabrics, colours, styles and processes. This has informed my creative development into interior design and commercial spaces, such as visual merchandising and touching on marketing techniques. I typically like to use a contemporary approach utilising vibrant colours in minimalist spaces to create a bold and eye-catching space. In my most recent project I have taken this further to explore pop ups as a trending commercial approach and exploring its relationship with marketing through focusing on Instagram ability. As well as looking at sustainable materials that keep within trend. I have also been researching immersive elements to implement within my work, this has helped me to create a space that is exciting and more of an experience to create hype and increase engagement. I aim to continue exploring creative spaces in my future work development and keeping up to date with new technologies and predicting trends.