Hannah Goodall BA (Hons) Graphic Design

Hannah Goodall

Hi! I’m Han, a multi-disciplinary designer inspired by dark science fiction, horror, and the grotesque. My approach to design is playful and expressive and is drawn from my love for gaming and its design, as well as surrealistic narratives in film and literature. I tend to demonstrate my ideas through visceral imagery and abstract graphics, focusing on the digital age whilst still incorporating print and traditional image making methods into my practice.

RUN_SIMULATION magazine is a commentary on the representation of sci-fi horror magazines of today, with the ambition to shift dated perspectives of content found in many sci-fi publications into modernity. The current issue, or simulation, focuses on the discourse and pain surrounding the female anatomy and the reproductive process through a younger, feminine perspective.

As this is the first publication I have ever made, I appropriately made the prototype pilot issue focus on ‘birth’, as it represents new beginnings within my practice and the accumulation of many ideas inspired by sci-fi horror mediums. The magazine guides the audience through 5 stages, detailing the journey of an alien foetus and the process of forced insemination, with unique visuals and abstract descriptive text.

Thematically I tend to take a personal approach to my work and gain influential prospects from film, literature, and design that I enjoy, including one of my favourite pieces of cinema, THE THING by John Carpenter (1982). The narrative of THE THING has been the catalyst for my own creations many times which include body horror and themes of the uncanny, always with the goal to disturb or change an audience’s mindset.