Jamie-Lee Wainman BA (Hons) Three Dimensional Design

Jamie-Lee Wainman

Jamie-Lee is a designer, facilitator, and educator. Within her practice, she aims to make learning experiences more inclusive for different minds, using playful and creative thinking as a vehicle. As a woman with two learning disabilities, Jamie-Lee feels that her experience within education was not accommodating for how her brain is wired. This has motivated her to provide equality in approaches to learning; providing young people the opportunity to advocate their own learning styles. She aims to do this by creating a permissive space within workshops where participants are encouraged to explore their creativity and creative dialog.

Jamie-Lee has designed ToBes; a series of 12 playful tools to be used as facilitators for learning. She uses them within her workshops to instigate playful and creative thinking. ToBes have both build and chain design features, meaning the user can adapt structures quickly and easily, forming solid and fluid forms. She aims to break down the stigma towards play by using fun shapes and bright colours in a sophisticated way to invite curiosity and engagement. Workshop participants are provided the permission to be playful by relieving the pressure of creating an outcome and focusing on the process.

ToBes come in a compact cardboard box that is sustainable and eases distribution, making online workshops more accessible to facilitate. In the future, she is eager to collaborate with educators and practitioners to create learning resources that utilise ToBes as a tool.