Zhenlian Wu BA (Hons) Three Dimensional Design

Zhenlian Wu

‘Noctilucent’ means shinning at night. She was strongly drawn to the sky over the lockdown period and found herself fascinated from being indoor most of the time. Yet, we will always be surrounded by nature. Her work is inspired by her present time and interaction with nature. The physical appearances of the sky have fascinated her to explore the definitions of a ‘cloud’. She explored how to define and portray their visuals positively, in contrast to when the language is seen negatively. Her installation has three light pendants with various heights, with this arrangement it is representing three different cloud levels and formations. The height and three types of cloud formation can work various formations ranging from individuals to multiples.

Interested in clouds formations and how sunlight plays a big part in our visuals, which was captured through these photographs. She aims to reshape and capture these constant moving objects in the sky through the installation. Her interpretation of clouds is subtly voiced in her making process. She explained that her plaster expresses the preciseness and identical casts each time. This will mirror the language of clouds and how their formation has given a specific name or category. Furthermore, nature is inclined to its uniqueness where an individual cloud is never the same. She expresses this by hand carving into each of her cast, giving them a bespoke outcome each time. Lighting is important in her work to see the details of the clouds and is metaphorically used as sunlight to enable us to see these clouds. The whiteness of the bone china will voice the positivity of the light clouds when the lights are switched off. When it in use the warm white glow of the light will show the different thickness and texture of the bone china that will interpret the silver lining of clouds.