Jasmine Su Juanyan Gardner BA (Hons) Fine Art and Art History

Jasmine Su Juanyan Gardner

Being born in China, and growing up in the UK, cultural diaspora has allowed me to perceive the ongoing xenophobic and racist arrogances towards the Asian community through both the Eastern and Western eye. These feelings of being othered, alienated and fetishised have left me to feel angry and ambitious to speak out. Referring to traditional Chinese craft allowed me to explore the dichotomy between the beauty of the forgotten Ming Dynasty ‘Moon- flask’ vase, an artifact of an antiquarian context, and the internal need to confront those who inflict physical and emotional pain onto myself and the Asian community. The vase’s figurative form and their own title acts as a reminder that the issues my work challenges are nothing but human ignorance. My work aims to alter the perception one has on traditional Chinese craft and the messages it can potentially hold.

Click here to view accompanying Call It Out zine: issuu.com/jasmine_su_juanyan_gardner/docs/call_it_out_zine