Juliana Miloserdova BA (Hons) Fine Art and Art History

Juliana Miloserdova

Currently, my personal practice focuses on exploring human expressions and emotions. The process which best suits me is by taking photographs of the person (or object) that I am going to paint and then painting from that image. I usually begin by printing it out, preparing a surface and then painting after applying a sketch. When it comes to small drawings however, sometimes I would draw them freehand.

I like to challenge myself and paint new and different things with many details which can make the painting process stressful, however the outcome is usually satisfactory. This time it was a painting of a burger which was the most time-consuming piece over the course of my art practice. The painting process generally helps me learn more about myself and the ways I paint in.

The meaning behind my work varies depending on what my project is about. In my current degree exhibition, my paintings emphasise the distortion of our faces by the actions we perform everyday as part of our routine, such as eating and showering. For my audience, I aim to invoke an emotional connection to these actions, as well as bringing their attention to the details and intimacy of a random moment in our daily routine which everyone can relate to.

In the future, I would love to try out other art mediums, techniques, and styles such as working with colour pencils and producing monoprints and monotypes.