Katherine Clancy BA (Hons) Fine Art

Katherine Clancy

My practice is consistently in a state of reflecting my love for giving the subjects of shape, pattern, material and texture the role of being the object and focal point of the painting, of the personified projection of emotion and body language that I feel many people cannot recognise in the reflection of others or themselves but may within my works. I aim to allow an audience to see themselves within my practice, to be able to relate and even find and teach me more than I am able to see myself, I love this constant state of discovery and learning even long after a painting is complete. I take inspiration from eras such as the Renaissance and their focus on narrative through material and expression, but my main focus is on the everyday. I see the aesthetic and shapes I’m so drawn to in everything around me, every curve, crease, fold, crack, fabric and texture. I have found a number of contemporary artists that have a similar magnetism to this beauty, such as Louise Giovnelli, Angela De La Cruz and Jasper Johns. Their exploration into shape and the feelings of presence and absence is what I have developed into this selection of exhibition works. I began to adapt my digital art skills, using Pro-Create software to create work when Covid began to restrict our accessibility into an already inaccessible art world.