Klaudia Cheikh Khalouf BA (Hons) Illustration with Animation

Klaudia Cheikh Khalouf

In the final year of my degree, I became reassured of my need for expansion and pull towards multidisciplinary contemporary practice. 

Inspired by esotericism, vibrant fashion, and sassy femininity; somewhat ironic and witty, my work aims to be thought-provoking, responding to the overstimulation of the Internet era. Accompanied by writing and research, I worked towards a deck of cards acting as journaling prompts, proposing the less comfortable questions. The main agenda is to emphasise the importance of emotional self-reflection and authentic expression. The main curiosity is exploring how these notions exist simultaneously with technological progressions and mass media. I hope for this developing product, through its stimulating design accompanied by creative writing, to inspire the viewer to bring individualistic insight into the discussion of human experience. To provocate new approaches to the concept of self-knowledge. 

Outside of traditional and digital drawing, I curated and shot amateur fashion photoshoots, I produced clay objects and wax compositions. These photographic elements, digitally edited, acted as “props” for my illustrations. I have titled this still unfolding current practice of mine, Prodig4l. It sits somewhere within Design, Art Direction, Fine Art Illustration, and Fashion Illustration. Recently, I had an opportunity to join a Contemporary Theatre workshop, which will elaborate on the theatricality and intensity of my practice.