Laura Pearl BA (Hons) Textiles in Practice

I'm a Textiles in Practice student specialising in print design for interiors and accessories. Within my practice I am passionate about sustainability and have spent my final year ensuring that I am considering my environmental impact through every stage of the design process. I have spent time researching into sustainable methods of fabric printing and dyeing and I have particularly enjoyed experimenting with natural dyeing to inform my colour palettes. Nature is a big source of inspiration throughout my work, my 'Walk Through Woodlands' project was designed to evoke the calming atmosphere of walking through nature and in my 'Coexistence' project I was inspired by biophillic design principles, designing my prints to celebrate harmony between humans and nature by contrasting architectural and organic motifs in the designs. I hope I continue to use my practice as a way to learn about and advocate for the importance of moving towards more sustainable methods of printing in the textile industry. 

I have a strong eye for colour and composition and am able to translate creative concepts in a practical and commercial way. When designing I like to use a range of digital and physical techniques. Over my degree course I have developed strong digital skills in Adobe Photoshop, Indesign and Procreate. I have also enjoyed experimenting with more traditional techniques such as hand-drawn repeat print tiles, screen-printing, lino-cut and woodblock printing.

I believe that both the artistic use and reference to nature throughout my work combined with the underlying environmentally conscious contexts demonstrate my commitment to sustainable printed textile desgin. I hope to be able to pursure this passion in my professional career.