Lauren Kay BA (Hons) Interior Design

As an  innovative and forward-thinking designer, I enjoy creating cohesive and sensitive concepts, which are influenced by the change in stereotypical spaces as a result of an environmental, cultural or social issue. My recent projects have reflected this, having created an alternative to workplace design which is still focused around the needs of the working environment, however forming new methodologies which have been proven to improve productivity.

The fold is a co-working space which is situated within St Peters Church in Ancoats, Manchester. The purpose of the The Fold is for the working community to escape in this space, to unite with colleagues and friends that have been separated as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The pandemic has enforced many people to work from home, which has resulted in colleagues not having the serendipitous moments that they need for motivation within the workplace. The Fold is a bridge for the colleagues who are working from home, back in their usual workspace environment or for people who are furloughed, to bring them back together which will fuel conversation and productivity upon their return back to work. The Fold enables work colleagues to cook, eat and share recipes and experiences with one another, which are vital rituals within many cultures around the world.

The Fold Recovery is an extension from The Fold with a similar concept however has been designed for the homeless. This is a space where the community come together to learn the vital skills of cooking from proffesionals in the industry, and as well as learning from one another and their cultures rituals regarding food, their food will be produced to feed the homeless people of Manchester throughout the coronavirus pandemic.