Lewis Green BA (Hons) Interior Design

Environmentally conscious design is an area of both interior and exterior architecture that I have a keen passion for; from internal fittings and furnishings to urban design and planning - sustainability is a fundamental field I aim to focus on in my future career. 

St. Peters is a community hub, architects office, restaurant and design-based book shop in the heart of Ancoats, Manchester. The former church has been transformed into a series of spaces to support these new functions, and which are designed to interconnect successfully with one-another. 

The design and finishes of St. Peters are as sustainable and ecological as possible. Non-Toxic natural materials such as ash wood and birch are utilised, and the acoustic panelling applied to the space is formed using sustainably harvested Swedish fur and pine trees, recycled water, wheat bran, potato starch, plant derived wax and citrus fruit peels - through a company sourced during the planning stage of the project.  Any unwanted bricks removed from the pre-existing structure have been re-purposed to form shelving in the book shop. 

VSL (Vessel) is a continuation of the communally-driven design approach behind St. Peters, and carries it across South Manchester. It is a series of converted road tankers stationed within parks in the city. Utilising environmentally conscious materiality within an object that was previously extremely environmentally destructive in its nature, these tubular vessels provide flexible community spaces that serve as art studios, shops, exhibition spaces etc. 

The aim is to create a central hub in the form of St.Peters along with satellite spaces across the city - all of which look to enrich the community, encourage design and showcase local work.