Lily Jeal BA (Hons) Illustration with Animation

Lily Jeal

My practise takes on a multi-disciplinary approach and is motivated by design for positive change as well as creativity for wellbeing. After writing my dissertation on the impact of artwork within the AIDs epidemic and attending Creative Conscience talks, I recognised that my work aims to engage society, education and community. 

At a time such as this where we are in the midst of a mental health crisis, it is important to review our life style choices in order to improve mental wellbeing. A problem I have seen is that there isn’t enough information regarding food and cooking as a means to boost serotonin. Happy Food Happy Mood is a project I have taken on exploring ingredients that can increase your serotonin and the power of comfort food. I have created an educational zine to visually communicate this, alongside a campaign utilising posters, beer mats, coffee cup wraps and food shopping bags. With the aim to target young people in destinations such as pubs, gyms, cafes, bars and supermarkets. Feeding your body with the nutrients it deserves is one of the simplest ways to care for your body and mind. 

I will continue to explore similar themes within my work in the future and am delving into the world of art psychotherapy post-graduate.