Louis Neale BA (Hons) Fine Art

Louis Neale

Utilising the environment surrounding myself, I adapt my practice with the readily available resources. Experimenting with organic matter, I have worked closely with the interconnected realms of fungi, exploring the hidden capabilities of the mycelial network. Co-existing as a fundamental part of our lives, questioning our current relationship towards nature and the affair within ourselves.

To become more in touch with my surroundings, my practice varies depending on what is available during the time of the season. Foraging for specific matter can be a challenging but liberating procedure that is a crucial process that co-exists within the final piece.

The ephemeral qualities of nature allow my practice to be more aware of the materials I use and create. I am therefore becoming more consciously resourceful, this is an attitude I hope to portray for an audience who are willing to see a new perspective of their landscape through creative and playful processes that involve engaging and encountering objects that aren’t so easily noticed in the natural world.

Disassociation of nature is a distortion of self, humans are intrinsically part of the natural cycle of life. Yet modern-day society has proven the inability to acknowledge the potential of re-immersing ourselves in natural landscapes we once emerged from. Harnessing our ancestral identity of how were once connected towards the land, providing a perspective of how we once lived in symbiotic harmony with the landscape, mindfully extracting what is provided.