Lucy Morris BA (Hons) Illustration with Animation

My practice explores and researches the values of the working-classes, as represented through traditionally higher-class cultures. Recently this has taken form of print to respond to films and literature made for, and by, the working-classes within mid-century Britain.

Looking at writers such as Shelagh Delaney and the director Ken Loach, my aim was to re-introduce the issues examined within the 1960’s to today’s working-classes audiences. I wanted to allow the mass of working-class people to realize the culture and significance of working-class academia and art.

My work aims to respond to the experiences of the working-classes so that they identify with the prints I make. I have been able to further this through my voluntary work with the Working Class Movement Library in Salford by creating a series of prints responding to their less-visual Tameside archives. Looking forward, my next project is working with Dr Lisa Mckenzie a working-class academic who, over the first 28 days of lockdown asked working-class people to keep a diary of their days. The response has been overwhelming, and from this, Lisa has funded a book in which me and five other illustrators respond to the stories from the diaries.

Whether it be responding to past historical events or exploring the condition of the working-class today my aim is to cement their experiences through print to ensure the voices of the people are not forgotten.