Lydia Mary Halsall BA (Hons) Textiles in Practice

Lydia Mary Halsall

Throughout my time on the TiP course, I have specialised in woven textiles. My practice often derives from my fascination of nature in rural landscapes. A lot of my inspiration is drawn from my local surroundings in Darwen, Lancashire. Working from home over the past 18 months has increased my appreciation for local products and materials. I like to take subtle colours from the landscape and make them bold. Sustainability is also at the forefront of my practice, choosing GOTS certified products where possible and using natural dyes are just two of the ways I choose to be a sustainable practitioner. Colour and composition are aspects of weaving that interest me most. I find the process of producing a woven cloth incredibly satisfying.  The possibilities that come with the choices leading up to the weaving process, such as material choice and threading, create an excitement towards the initial weaving of a warp. My final project explores the seasonal changes in local landscapes through a final collection of handmade products, inspired by a series of paintings which explore the colour proportions and details of Darwen Moor. These details are captured in the cloth, woven on a 16 shaft tabletop loom, using cottons and a combination of honeycomb and plain weave structures.  

Alumni Award Winner