Lydia Rose Clarke BA (Hons) Textiles in Practice

Lydia Rose Clarke

My name is Lydia and over the course of my degree I have explored and experimented with textiles, specialising in print design. I have a huge passion for fashion which has lead me to creating print collections for a fashion context including swimwear, evening wear and resort collections. Pre-degree I had no experience with textiles but a huge love of drawing and painting, developed through studying art which has fuelled my development into print design. I love to draw with fineliners but also create detailed paintings, acrylic in particular, which creates contrasts in qualities and character within my designs. 

I am particularly inspired by flora and fauna and exploring their relationship to their environments such as animals and related species. My final collection 'Spring Breeze' is inspired by my experience and memories of lockdown, going on spring walks. I love to capture primary research through photography to explore composition and forms to inform my designs before painting and drawing from. I like to research both my concept and context in depth; I explored British spring flowers to create an accurate reflection of a walk in the British countryside in Spring time, alongside a fresh colour palette. I aim to create a balanced collection varying placement prints, hand repeats and digital repeats, utilising my contrasting drawing styles.

In the future I hope to be able to work within the fashion industry to continue exploring creativity and love of fashion.