Maddison Crankshaw BA (Hons) Textiles in Practice

Maddison Crankshaw

As a printed textile practitioner, I am continually driven by the freedom and vast ability to explore shape and colour within a composition. My work centres the endless opportunities to experiment with the placement of such elements to create contemporary designs that are playful, exciting and different. My natural surroundings are at the forefront of my inspiration; continuous change and growth within nature means that my inspiration source is never limited. Throughout the development of my practice, I have worked towards fashion and other additional printed textile contexts, as a way of establishing and recognising that my preferred practice is tailored towards interiors. 

I particularly relish the practical disciplines of printed textiles such as screen and risograph printing; the breadth of being able to experiment with layering shape and colour throughout these methods, spark my motivation and inspire my creativity. Additionally, I thoroughly enjoy developing conceptual ideas and curating colour palettes in relation to current interior and colour trends; an avenue of textiles I have investigated throughout my final year and intend to explore further as a potential career path. The ever-changing trends stimulate new opportunities for innovative design and creative visions, fuelling my interest and desire to pursue a direction in trend and colour forecasting. With further interests in photography and a keen eye for graphic design, I have been able to develop, combine and evidence such skills throughout my practice and portfolio.

The versatility of my practical knowledge and skills can be transferred across different disciplines and creative roles; my ability is not limited to one specific area within printed textiles. After graduation, I hope to retain an internship, placement or work experience, with the intention of evolving my current knowledge and tailoring such to an industry level, before seeking a full-time job.