Maia Turkowska BA (Hons) Illustration with Animation

Maia Turkowska

 I am a Polish artist currently residing in Manchester. I am interested in art history and spiritualism. I have been a practising Tarot reader for eight years, which has shaped my understanding of symbolism and how different meanings can blend. My art is mainly inspired by nature and the pain of the female experience. I draw a lot of inspiration from the current political situation in Poland. My aesthetic derives from the folk horror genre and occultist imagery and taps into the notion of returning to nature within ourselves. During my studies, I have explored many techniques, from traditional printmaking to stop motion animation. My drawing style and process comes from my traditional background, especially etching and oil painting. As a part of expanding my practice, I plan to deeper explore the genre of folk horror. As I begin my career in the art industry, I am currently learning how to tattoo, with the plan to join a studio and develop my own freelance illustration career in the near future.