Megan Evans BA (Hons) Fine Art

Megan Evans

I have forever been drawn to creating work about nature and the philosophies surrounding human being’s interconnections with our natural surroundings. I’d even write poems about nature when I was in Primary school, memorise the solar system, be mind-blown (and still am) by the fact we live on a spinning rock, and was the kid that would always be collecting fossils and crystals. Much like my zodiac signs Aries sun and Pisces moon, I like to envision my recent work as a combination of fire and water. To physically create and demonstrate my work I had to use sunlight and fire, as well as water in the process. Using nature’s elements in my work really felt significant to me, as I felt a sense of unity with my identity involvement and the biological origin of life. It made me think of all of the endless possibilities and potential humans both have and can create as an extension of nature. The symbolic polarity of fire and water reminds me of yin and yang, and how life being made up of both positive and negative is what makes it life, and one cannot function without the other. What’s more significant is how you deal with situations and your perspective. My piece of work that is used in the final exhibition proposal, which translates to “My soul surpasses my vessel”, aims to suggest how the soul/spirit is so much more powerful and in tune with the Earth and nature in comparison to our body which is just a vessel for it to exist. Ultimately, I want my work to be a reminder that as humans, we are physically and spiritually nature ourselves and everything we know of is interconnected.