Mollie Field BA (Hons) Fine Art

Mollie Field

My work is a constant and ever shifting study of my own inner identity, my body, my experiences, and their connections/parallels in the natural world around me. Often exploring my queer identity, photographing, or filming my performances in response to natural landscapes; I endlessly ponder identity and the values of individual expression through temporal spaces and the spiritual states they can offer.

This body of work ‘Queer Enlightenment’ looks to a pre-Christian natural world to explore whether place can bring enlightenment (both spiritually and mentally) to a queer individual. Through both film and photographic mediums, I endeavour to create an unrestricted sense of haunting and a view of nature that often goes unseen.

With inspirations such as the study of Queer Ecology, Existentialism, and many artists including: Sade Mica, Charlotte Prodger, Judy Dater, Rosanne Robertson and Sarah Knight, I place much value in artists who create through the practice of channelling their experiences and  who have similar approaches to viewing the natural world through a lens of queerness.

Through my work I find myself looking for meaning within the primal, placing myself in natural spaces and allowing myself to react to them instinctively using my body, drawing from within myself and reflecting my identity on the surrounding British landscapes I find myself returning to time after time.

Both the film and photographs shown are part of 'Queer Enlightenment' and should be viewed in conjunction with each other. 

'Queer Enlightenment' Digital film (black, white, audio) 9:48min. Audio track created by Tom Crystal (Marigold Pyre on Soundcloud)

'Queer Enlightenment' Digital photographs (dimensions variable)