Millie Carmel Jobson BA (Hons) Graphic Design

Millie Carmel Jobson

Hello, I am Millie! :) I am a mixed media graphic designer from Newcastle. I enjoy listening and responding to people’s stories and insights through design. I love the scanner, analogue processes and the combination of digital and hand made together. I have a keen interest in publications, printed matter and editorial design.

Sponge (issue 01) is my publication which I designed, edited and curated. Sponge explores and reevaluates the artistic development stages from Viktor Lowenfeld (from ages 0 - 16 years), in relation to graphic design practices.Vicktor Lowenfeld's book: ‘Creative and Mental Growth’ and his 1947 artistic development theory has shaped Sponge’s research and content.

Sponge aims to investigate where we all come from as creatives, as although we are complex thinkers as adults, fundamentally we all started from the same place: scribbling as a child. A plethora of designers from various creative backgrounds and some children have been interviewed for sponge; the interviews consist of the same six questions. The six questions were created in direct relation to the six stages of artisitic development to see if the stages are relevant or have any impact on graphic designers as professionals.

Sponge celebrates the naive and expressive creativity we all had as a child, and can still have, and the beauty in that. Especially since all of the illustrations and the composition designs are taken directly from or inspired by my childhood drawings.

Big thanks to all the designers and children that were interviewed as part of Sponge!

Please drop me an email if you would like to see my full portfolio, or you would like to ask me any further questions! :)