Nicola May BA (Hons) Textiles in Practice

Nicola May

Nicola May is a textile artist specialising in mixed media fibre art.

My final graduating project "Spectrum" aimed to explore the emotions and feelings attached to queer relationships within the modern world. Using colour and juxtaposition to showcase this in a personally meaningful way, my hope is that my work will resonate not only with queer people but allies as well. The narrative behind my work is from my own personal experiences as a queer person and this has become the basis of my primary research and first-hand development work for this project.

My final collection consisted of 3 large scale art pieces that give visibility and representation to a community that is often overlooked when we discuss the topic of love and relationships especially when it's not from the point of view of the male gaze. Focusing on materials and colours, gave me the opportunity to experiment with different textures and techniques that has really benefited my practice going forward.

My future goals consist of continuing this project to competition with the aim to host a solo show exhibiting "Spectrum" in the context of an art gallery or creative space. I hope to achieve this by 2022 before embarking on a new project to expand my range of work. I also hope to collaborate with brands and companies that support the LGBTQ+ community to help better the environment that young queer people will be growing up in in the future.