Olivia Allcock BA (Hons) Interior Design

Olivia Allcock

My personal design principles focus on creating spaces with intent and purpose. I am interested in the concept behind a project and what role a space is really designed for. In order to create spaces that incorporate these design principles, I start with in-depth research. 


This project started with the question: what is community to you? 

It is apparent now more than ever that community has the power to transform, improve and bring together groups of people. I have found that existing Community Centres house various community groups, however there is often a lack of cohesion between these groups. Identified groups that lack cohesion are the young and old, who are often divided by their level of abilities and interest. 

Generation US aims to bring together these groups in a central location. The concept was also supported by scientific research on social isolation in older adults and how their surroundings can be designed to help improve this. 

Generation US is an urban intervention, located in St Peter's Church, Ancoats, Manchester. It has been created with the intent to encourage a successful bridge between the young and old, using intergenerational activities and resources to help create a new community. This intergenerational interaction also aims to help the older generation combat social isolation. 


Situated in St Peter’s Square, Manchester, The Plant House aims to bring people together through the enjoyment and therapeutic escape of painting and potting. The house plant scene is on the rise and indoor plant sales have boomed during the COVID-19 lockdown. The Plant House is a fun alternative to buying online or in shops and allows customers to create exactly what they desire and may not be able to find elsewhere. It provides an opportunity for interactive and social encounters to happen.