Phoebe Price BA (Hons) Fine Art and Art History

Phoebe Price

My work is intuitive.

I perform experiments and playful acts, allowing my instincts to guide my exploration.

I push and prod and see where the interaction takes me.

Through paying attention, listening, adopting – taking – stealing remnants left behind by others.

I take that which is discarded, often drawing focus to the mundane.

My interaction with my subjects is gentle and personal:

I hold onto things for perhaps a little longer than most.

I attempt to visualise my emotional and sensory experiences.

I explore feelings I find difficult to put words around and draw out.

Instead, I collect moments and snippets of experience, and cobble these together into my work.

I bring together these scattered elements to make a whole.

I create a reflection of this world:

A dream-world formed of fragments of notes, imaginings, and images I have collected.

A private person, my work is not always obvious.

My images tend to be dislocated and indistinct.

I keep secrets.