Saffron Ramsey BA (Hons) Art History and Curating

Blackout exhibition is an online exhibition built on the continuation of the fight against racism, injustice, inequality and police brutality which led to the Black Lives Matter movement which is the main subject matter of this exhibition. Blackout exhibition was made to create a ‘learning together’ environment whereby we hope that our online visitors can learn through the artwork, other imagery and music. The exhibition’s title originated from the online social media movement ‘Blackout Tuesday’ when millions of individuals posted a single black square to show support for the black community after killings of black individuals by police. 'Blackout Tuesday’ was also a time for reflection, a moment of silence and a stand-still moment on social media platforms to take the time to learn about black history and the hardships that the black community have faced leading up to Black Lives Matter protests.

Blackout exhibition brings together five artistic positions, the majority black artists as we feel as though black art is often not shown enough in the art world and we believe that this should change. The featured art works are all showcasing the current changing socio-political constructs which evoke various emotions and feelings.