Poppy Jervis BA (Hons) Textiles in Practice

As a textile designer my focus is on embroidery - creating work which has a story behind it. I enjoy being experimental within my work incorporating various techniques. I explore current issues around sustainability - finding ways of up-cycling materials that have had a prior use to create work that is meaningful and current.

My most recent work, ‘Reaching Out’, commissioned by Royal London Insurance group for their new offices in Alderley Park, is a large scale embroidery. The theme of this piece focuses on Royal London's four main principles as a company; togetherness, anti-artificial, everyone's world and people. My embroidery represents equality and how important it is to be a helping hand to others, in order for everyone to grow. The piece has a relationship to nature, particularly the trees surrounding the building, which can be seen through the big window in the meeting room where the work is displayed. These principles are key to Royal London’s company values and I believe that they should be key to everyones values to make a better world.