Reyna Maningding BA (Hons) Interior Design

Reyna Maningding

This project highlights my interests as a designer. Within my practice, I aim to create spaces that focuses on the user experience that benefits the wellbeing of the occupant whilst also designing for the future.

Chakra+Co, a retail hybrid destination located at the heart of Manchester’s shopping district, is a space that encourages users to be mindful about their mental health. It works by creating stepping stones to an eco-friendly future within health and beauty spaces. 

The Nature’s Lab is located at the heart of the building and is the main location where customers can buy products. It is a sustainable work station encouraging customers to test the product before buying, and thus provides customers the freedom to create their own product to suit their needs. Here, staff can teach customers about skincare and body care whilst encouraging the importance of mindfulness to the people of Manchester. By sharing their knowledge, they encourage future generations to be more mindful about what we put on our bodies and create a foundation for a healthy future. 

The upper floor is a multi-use space. The bespoke pods offer refuge to those feeling anxious, to escape life pressures or simply provide customers with a space to let go and ground their thoughts. The rest of the space can be used as a community hub to encourage social and meaningful interactions during opening hours, or can be converted into an events space during new product launches where everyone is invited to try and review new product releases. 

The entire space is sustainably sourced from the interior finishes to the packaging. It offers a unique customer experience both physically and mentally.