Rhona Taylor BA (Hons) Interior Design

Rhona Taylor

Primula Establishment - Latin for Primrose

As an emerging Interior Designer in an age of societies merely prioritising sustainable attributes, I took on the challenge of designing an in-house establishment that answers all questions on locally sourced food. I believe the spaces we design should highlight the importance of our health, happiness and wellbeing. I am an attentive responder who is interested in exploring how different spaces make us feel whilst acknowledging how imperative human interaction can be. These factors are an essential component within the Primula Establishment with attributes helping communities grow organically and sustainably.

This scheme provides a unique city experience with horticultural restaurants, interactive shopping experiences as well as culinary artist lessons. This all comes under one focus, a persons well-being. By creating clear intentions of food sources, Primula Establishment stands for much more than just a local produce store. Research has found that exposure to flowers helps us in our daily lives to reduce stress and overall makes us increasingly happier. This small contribution within the city is another revelation into creating further green space within the city of Manchester. Vertical farming is an innovative forward-thinking approach to create fresh and healthy produce all year round with hydroponic systems. The concept celebrates the life and activity within the city as human's contributions is an essential component of urban life to help grow.

The building hopes to empower individuals to live more mindfully as well as consciously. This will positively contribute to the environment by decreasing Ancoats carbon footprint whilst having huge health benefits for those using the facilities. By planting abundant greenery, using natural materials and providing views to nature, Primula Establishment hopes to improve the quality of life in Ancoats. Thus enhancing social interaction, urban recreation the sensory experience for every customer. 

Course Award Highly Commended