Roselle Smeatham BA (Hons) Textiles in Practice

Roselle Smeatham

I am a specialist in print and embroidery, I love to combine my skills to create beautiful prints with tactile qualities. As a designer my aim is to make eye catching artwork for an interior environment. My work is mainly influenced by nature, particularly florals as I love combining different colours and shapes to create prints. My style is very soft and feminine, I am drawn to light, pastel hues as this creates a calming environment. Painting and drawing are so important to me, I am constantly working on my technique to better my designs. My preferred medium is watercolour as it captures the delicacy of florals and allows me to build up colour and add detail. I am often inspired by historical trends and pick out characteristics to merge with my own style, in my final year I have created collections inspired by 18th century Rococo and 18th century Chinoiserie. This pushes me to work in different ways and consider new techniques to bring to my practice. I like to work into my printed fabrics with different embroidery techniques including goldwork, hand stitch, beading and digital embroidery. After graduating I aim to work as a commercial homeware designer and continue to create beautiful floral prints to brighten a room.