Rudhiana Rahman BA (Hons) Textiles in Practice

Rudhiana Rahman

I am a textile designer specialising in surface pattern design for interiors. I make my designs hand-drawn and use photoshop to edit or manipulate them. My practice is based on our surroundings, as I have been using lockdown as an opportunity to find inspiration outside. Through my practice, I have been experimental with the use of colour and shapes which have always been a huge part of my practice. I enjoy drawing in different styles and take risks to see what works and if I could develop it. The work I produce is done digitally to create varies prints suitable for interiors. I focus on the use of colour and the scaling for my drawings to make different patterns that are unique and interesting for cushions, bedding and wallpaper. My designs can be used on different kinds of interiors.

The theme for this collection is inspired by the season of Spring. To me, Spring means a new beginning as our surroundings in nature changes and so can people. At the time I was working on this collection, it was early Spring, and I was going out to my local park. I realised that there were flowers blooming and made the atmosphere different. In particular, I would often see cherry blossoms. Each flower have their own meanings and I resonated with the cherry blossoms as they represented time of renewal and the fleeting nature of life.

After graduating, I would like to gain more experience, continue to learn, and work within the print design industry. Allowing me to create a diverse portfolio showcasing my skills which I will continue to develop throughout my own practice.