Ruth Gorner BA (Hons) Interior Design

Ruth Gorner

Hi I’m Ruth! The foundation of my practice is built upon understanding and repurposing the everyday spaces we inhabit. Inspired by historic buildings, my work aims to celebrate this past all whilst being mindful of the individual and collective identities they consistently influence.

Quarter Craft

‘Just as he estranges his own activity from himself, so he confers upon the stranger an activity which is not his own’ – The Theory of Alienation in the 1844 Manuscripts of Karl Marx

Located at 110 Oldham Road, Manchester, this former glass warehouse sits on the border of Ancoats, the world’s first industrial suburb and the home of the Industrial Revolution.

Quarter Craft aims to honour its rich history through a social enterprise approach consisting of independent workshops and practices. The occupants/residents make and sell goods and services that specialise in these once forgotten crafts - all whilst connecting the process and outcome as one.

The Quarter

The Quarter is a small pop-up based within the historical Hanging Ditch, one of Manchester’s oldest surviving buildings. 

The focus here is on smaller scale crafts, mainly using recycled off-cuts and smashed pieces collected from its original sister concept, Quarter Craft, thus creating a zero- waste ethos.

Based in Manchester’s central retail district, The Quarter aims to attract more of a passing user all whilst keeping its brand identity that is so rooted in location and history.