Sara Al-Natshah BA (Hons) Interior Design

My design approach is constantly influenced by my current interests, environment and background. I’ve always been interested in how Interior Design can completely immerse us both physically and mentally. Therefore, I tend to focus on exploring how the design of spaces can affect our emotions, behaviours and overall state of mind. 

Diwan, St. Peter’s Church, Ancoats, Manchester 

Diwan is a creative community centre, aimed at Middle Eastern students in Manchester. It is inspired by design aspects that are popular in Middle Eastern culture to create a space that feels safe and familiar, like a home away from home.  

This project aims to tackle a myriad of issues that these international students face. For newcomers, it offers support in international affairs, help with adjusting to the city, while also doubling as a place to meet others and form friendships. For graduating students and alumni, it functions as a place to form work connections and gain information about industry, providing working spaces and job opportunities for them.

Diwan Workrooms, Hatch, Oxford Road, Manchester 

Diwan Workrooms is a series of pop-up pods that function as private workspaces or smaller-scale meeting rooms. There are three available options: an individual working space for a single user, a group work space best suitable for two people, and finally, a meeting space that can fit up to 6 people.

These spaces can be booked through the special Diwan App and are an extension of the co-working space that exists in the main Diwan building in Ancoats, provided for anyone who is unable to make it all the way there.