Simon Ellwood BA (Hons) Fine Art

Simon Ellwood

My practice is primarily Abstract Sculpture and Earth Art. Growing up in rural Yorkshire, I have a long-time affinity to the countryside especially contrasting managed forest plantations and wild ancient woodland. Subconsciously these affect my conceptual vision.  Coupled with my growing ethical and ecological concerns my practice is influenced by environmental sensitivity, aiming to work in ‘harmony and collaboration with nature’ rather than disrupt it. By combining natural and recycled manufactured materials to create new forms and shapes, my sculpture characterises the relationship between nature and humanity in either a hopeful symbiotic approach or reflecting the anthropogenic tensions of the epoch.

All my principle works emanate from found and collected natural materials. Inspired by fallen tree branches, found deadwood or willow, I use these to create a base skeletal structure, then combine with contrasting manufactured recycled material and products. Manipulating their flexibility and pliability the branches are bent, twisted, pruned and re-joined to create a new curved abstract shape in skeletal form. This is secured by binding with fine wire or wool. I have worked with found fallen tree branches to create sizeable free standing curved tree-like sculptural forms, and many experimental coverings such as canvas strips wrapped and glued around the framework.  Use of finer more flexible willow creates shapes with greater fluidity which I enhance by wrapping and binding with coloured wool.