Tilly Errington BA (Hons) Photography

Tilly Errington

Tilly Errington is a digital and analogue photographer whose work primarily focuses on documentary and street photography. Errington is currently creating work that documents the present and day-to-day life, which can come across as ordinary and mundane. 

Errington is exploring this by taking her camera with her on a daily walk and imagining herself as a ‘surveillance camera’ when wandering around her local areas looking through her viewfinder. She is looking out for things that normally get overlooked in everyday life and finding something worth pressing the shutter in what she is witnessing. 

After many daily walks, there was something alien to her surroundings that stood out and that was the many discarded disposable face-masks littered across the environment. In a life pre-pandemic, this would have been something completely unimaginable. By photographing every encounter, she has had with a mask, her work forces viewers to feel accountable and recognise change is needed. Audiences are left questioning: Are humans indeed the Virus?