Tom Carr BA (Hons) Graphic Design

Tom Carr

I am a multidisciplinary artist who aims to communicate through many different disciples, mediums and cultures. Producing raw ideas and taming them into a comprehensive and systematic appearance. I take inspiration from not just graphic design but any form of art and culture, challenging the definition of ‘graphic design’. 

Creative Construction 

I investigated and explored the use of algorithms within the creative process. Merging system-based construction with creative expression and playfulness. The intention of the project was to challenge what is considered traditional graphic design. I developed a series of algorithms, both analogue and digital into which users were asked to input data to create individual and uniquely designed objects. The data was numerically based and generated a series of 3D shapes. The user was then asked to interact with these shapes and encouraged to ‘play’ with them by selecting and combining several to compose a unique 3D piece. This experimental approach meant that as a designer I was not ‘designing’ the final outcomes but the system and parameters that allowed users to generate something for themselves. 

The resulting project presents a research document (book) detailing the process used and a series of 3D printed lamps showing the scope of the system to produce personalized ‘artefacts.’