Zoe Steele BA (Hons) Fine Art

Zoe Steele

The visions of our subconscious are the elements that drive my practice, the moments between dream and reality that slot into the mundanities of life. The un-canny feeling that comes when you see something that feels familiar and comforting, yet un-recognisable and eerie. Taking subjects from appropriated imagery I often relinquish a level of artistic control, which I aim to regain through a process of re-contextualising the imagery by means of cropping and re-composing. The work aims to navigate the representation of what I deem as a 'physical memory', through artwork that is suggestive yet not overly invasive. With an awareness upon cultural perspective having an impact upon contextual understanding, it is important that my work is inclusive in its ability to convey a sensation that is achievable to anyone regardless of their social and environmental background. Therefore, my intention has been to construct a visual that can be accessed and understood by everyone, achieved through my method of glazing. When I think of the process of recollection, the visions of my subconscious mind are often blurred depictions that appear clouded as though something is partially blocking my mind from accessing the memory. I believe through applying the lined glaze I am replicating a process experienced by many, therefore achieving a sensation that feels familiar prior to the analysis of the subject. Contextually I believe my work has become an emotive language, set to make the audience feel something- whether that be melancholy, reminiscent or reflective. To encourage an awareness and acknowledgement of the spaces between what is intended to be documented and what seemingly occurs in the background. The elements of life we tend to dismiss, will often be the aspects we one day wish to remember. 

MAFA Award Winner