Amy Sherlock BA (Hons) Textiles in Practice

Amy Sherlock

My work has always centered around helping people and using art to do that. I became inspired to teach when I was in Secondary school, my Art teacher taught me more that just the practical discipline but to become a better person, accept myself and have confidence in my work. The passion and determination to help others both personally and professionally was influential to me and my practice. 

Art affects people in many ways: it can evoke strong emotions, bring comfort, or pique curiosity. As someone who has had first - hand experience of the remarkable impact a teacher can have, I aspire to be that teacher for others and introduce art as a form of expression. 

Over my four years at the School of Art I have developed my knowledge and techniques including Weave, Print Making, Felting as well as Drawing and Painting. Working with a range of techniques will aid my teaching career and allow me to help each student express themselves how they want to. In my third year particuarly I focussed on helping students by designing a Sensory Safe room they could use with elements of Sensory Art to promote well - being in schools. 

Sensory work plays an integral role in my practice and who I am as a creator, helping to stimulate someones senses and emotions is something thats important to me and my projects. Working with a Forest School placed emphasis on what kind of teacher I want to be through helping children prepare for life after school by developing methods to manage their emotions. This methodology of teaching was incredibly inspiring for me, and I want to continue these values in my future, in every environment I am presented with.