Anastazja Olczyk BA (Hons) Illustration with Animation

Anastazja Olczyk

My personal practice focuses on folklore and fantastical themes. For my final year project, I have taken these motiffs and developed a base for a tabletop role-playing game called "Guide to Sarevar". In it, I had the opportunity to create an unique stage for my work by world building everything from the ground up, using the Slavic traditions as my inspiration point.

"Guide to Sarevar" is a multi layered story, juxtaposing two worlds - one that is full of chaos and magic, and the orderly world of mortals. Many of the stories direct your attention to the grey morality and how there are two sides to the coin. It was important for me to not stick to typical fantasy stereotypes that can be often harmful. "Guide to Sarevar" is meant to be a friendly option for first time TTRPG players. 

Behind each concept there is an extensive research gallery with photographs, videos and books to help me flesh out whatever I am creating at the moment. I mainly work using digital programs such as Photoshop or Procreate, though I often times sketch out rough thumbnails in my sketchbook first. I treat my art as a play stage, where the light and color play the main part. 

My current goal is to incorporate 3D elements in my portfolio.