Ann-Marie Perez BA (Hons) Illustration with Animation

Ann-Marie Perez

My creative practice is centred around British Wildlife - something that has inspired me since my childhood growing up in Cheshire and spending a lot of time outdoors. The work that I produced in the final year built upon the research undertaken as part of my dissertation in which I explored the use of children's picture books in teaching young audiences about nature. I am interested in areas such as design, publishing and children's educational illustration. I consider myself to be a mixed media artist, as I enjoy working in a range of mediums such as collage, crayon, watercolour and crafts.

For my final project, I worked on the artwork for my first children's picture book titled 'Nature Explorers'. I undertook lots of research, planning and experimenting throughout the duration of this project. The book features collaged images which fit into different subcategories related to habitats in Brittan. The images convey snapshots of each location and an insight into what kind of wildlife you may expect to find there - with small bursts of information along the way. Although it is aimed towards young children, the images can also be enjoyed by nature lovers of any age. All the aspects of the book were hand collaged, scanned in and digitally put together on photoshop.

I am looking forward to further developing my portfolio beyond graduation and moving into the field of publishing whilst also working as a part of New Designers to broaden my creative horizon in the coming months.