R Rhind BA (Hons) Illustration with Animation

R Rhind

I started this year curious, about the fashion in which we perceive space in 2-dimensions. Whilst working on a print at the start of the year, I self-identified a commonality in my work. I seemed to be very concerned with building my own sense of space.

So, I chose to spend the last year researching and relaying what I learned through print, in order to create a body of work that is both a document of research and an extensive display of self-education in the methods used to display space.

Research led me to the conclusion that I would need to broaden my practice base and so began making scale models to have full control over my spaces. However, my Prints are made using traditional Japanese woodblock techniques and materials and it was during this period of research that I discovered for myself and came to understand the unique Japanese sense of space. This is the method I have taken upon myself to revisualize and use, to display my own understanding of the space around me on 2-dimensions.

In my final works I feel I manage this through a combination of Eastern/Western iconography, processes and mediums/materials. As for the subject and where the work is headed, I realised that this course of study meant I had the chance to begin building my own floating world. One that was made from my experiences, my life and this as a focus, is one I’m happy to continue.